Use JotForm to embed forms into your blogs, websites, or wikis. A quick and easy way to have students give you that important feedback.  A Powerful Tool!

Use the following job aids to help you.  
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Also follow Jerry Swiatek's blog for other great tools.

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Current Project - iPad Training for Grades K-5

Currently we are conducting iPad Online Training.  The teachers are preparing to use the iPad cart on campus. Below is an iPad app chart that the teachers will use to decide which apps are helpful in meeting standard-based objectives.

This chart was adapted from a chart done by Noami Harm and Dan King in regards to Free and Low-Cost Apps for Kindergarten.

Link to their chart: 

Please feel free to download our chart.

Current Staff Development Projects

Its been a SUPER busy school year.  Working on my blog pages - MAP Testing Videos, our iPad Grant Writing Projects, and I need to upload the photos of my Blogging Challenge #2 and #3 Winners.

Boy..... blogging is a huge task.  But it is also very fun and fulfilling.

I'm currently heading our iPad Grant Wrtiting Team.
Check out that blog:  Diary of an iPad Grant Writing Team: