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Previously I introduced the FREE web-based application issuu which is somewhat the same, but it gives your documents a polished magazine feel and look. However if you are looking for a QUICK and EASY upload web-based site, then SlideShare would be my recommendation.

SlideShare - is a FREE web-based site that allow user to share their documents, PowerPoint presentations, and pdf or embed them into their sites. The workshop documents below were embedded into this blog via SlideShare.

Experiment with the two application and make your choice based on which serves your current purpose.

View the video tutorial below this document and see how EASY it can be done.

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Special Note: I made this video using Screenr.

Blogging Workshop - January 25, 2011

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The workshop agenda document was upload to issuu.
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Workshop Agenda (below)

What is a Blog?

Blog in Plain English - Video (3 min.)

Why Blog?

  • 21st century students are digital natives.

  • They interact fluidly with the online world for testing, instruction, and games.

  • Use social media as an extension of their actual friendships.

  • Blogs capitalize on this native experience

  • It encourages students to read, write, think, and interact with other cultures.

  • A vehicle for reinforcing the importance of keyboarding

  • Utilizes internet safety skills

  • Used to teach word processing basics

  • Teaches beginning web design (html code, widgets, etc.)

  • Utilizes critical thinking and information literacy

  • Throw in a project that is engaging & addresses a host of educational standards – You Are A Winner!

Creator of Image: Mr. Olsen

Learn KidBlog in 5 Minutes

Source: YouTube by LearnitN5

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